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2007-1-15 星期一(Monday) 晴
Richard St. John
Why do people succeed? Richard St. John compacts seven years of research into an unmissable 3-minute slideshow on the real secrets of success (Hint: Passion, persistence, and pushy mothers help) (Recorded February 2005 in Monterey, CA.

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2007-1-15 星期一(Monday) 晴
squatter /an individual who chooses to live either on the streets or where ever she/he is at the moment. These people are often travelers (drifters); hippies who know that even though it is sometimes slightly uncomfortable you may live in America without paying taxes and other advantages that are deemed natural; punks or even political refugees.
And it's totally free though illegal in most areas, so watch out for pigs that will want to hassle you. (You aren't human in America unless you pay their taxes). e.g. These punk squatters I once knew squatted because they were touring with bands 9 months out of the year. When not in a van going to the next city you can easily couch surf.

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2007-1-12 星期五(Friday) 晴
bring to bear /exert, apply, as in: All his efforts are brought to bear on the new problem, or The union is bringing pressure to bear on management.
crash /to find temporary lodging or shelter, as for the night. e.g. you can crash at my place tonight if you want
tally /a record of the number of things that sb has done, won, or achieved
delinquent /sb who is delinquent fails to pay money they owe
wellies /rubber boots
trainers /running shoes
down parka 羽绒服 [parka/anorak :a long warm jacket with a hood to cover your head

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2007-1-10 星期三(Wednesday) 晴
doctrine /a set of principles or beliefs, especially religious or political ones /the Christian doctrine of resurrection
the ‘genesis /beginning/birth/origin of sth
undies /underwear
projectile vomit /When one vomits with such force that it sprays for several feet from the mouth. Must be performed with the head facing forward for best results. e.g. Man, I was so drunk last night, I projectile vomited from my couch clear across the room and hit the wall!
a running start 助跑

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2007-1-8 星期一(Monday) 晴
at sb’s request/suggestion/invitation
be at it /doing sth you do not approve of
be an expert/good/bad at sth
at doctor’s/dentist’s/hairdresser’s
at a party/concert/meeting/speech/lunch/dinner/breakfast/rest/war/peace/school/college
at [prices/temperatures/speeds]
apiece [each/for each one
at the time /when sth happened in the past
containment /the act of containing something or someone; keeping it from spreading
did up dirt on sb /find information that could damage his reputation if people knew about it

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2007-1-2 星期二(Tuesday) 晴
Whopping=very large
Whoop-de-do=noisy party/celebration
Whup=defeat easily=blow out
Bark at the moon
Wild-goose chase徒劳的追寻
Willful damage/exaggeration
Wiggle toes扭动脚趾
A Long shot
Willy-nilly ad.无论愿不愿意
Rubbish tip/dump
tip over/up倾翻
tin hat士兵戴的钢盔
hard hat施工用安全帽
jacked up=excited and nervous
fired up
jack shit=nothing at all

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2007-1-2 星期二(Tuesday) 晴
elevator shoes增高鞋
grow afros留大爆头
brethren 属于同一团体的人
pickup line泡妞开场白
kitchen cabinet橱柜
matrimonial ad征婚广告
stop altogether =stop completely
hit paydirt有价值的发现
mudslinging 诽谤
earmuffs 保暖耳罩
nookies=a bit of how’s your father
tuckered out=beat, pooped
a mop of hair=a lot of thick messy hair

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2007-1-2 星期二(Tuesday) 晴
Like fun 才怪
On Furlough回国休假
frayed nerves
feeling rundown=dead beat
Far removed from/very different snippy/testy/tetchy/touchy
How far多大程度/进展
textbook stuff=epitome
For all practical purpose其实,本质上
tetched = doolally
frizzy hair小卷
be in a snit =无端呕气
Get it out of your system发泄
hit sb up for = ask for
hit on 语言勾引
hogwash = bullshit, crap
brass monkeys=very cold
foo foo神经过敏大惊小怪
spoilt brat/a handful小调皮小坏蛋

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2007-1-2 星期二(Tuesday) 晴
hocuspocus 骗人把戏
hobo = tramp
Get black eye鼻青脸肿
Fork out/over不情愿花
Strip sb of免去,剥夺(头衔资格权利)
Fair game/easy target
Look up to role model/admire, respect榜样
Fair to middling/过得去
Faithful 支持者
Fall foul of sb/sth遇麻烦
Fall into place理清头绪
Fall out with sb不和
Fag/faggot/gay man
ho-hum = boring

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2006-12-14 星期四(Thursday) 阴
1. You are now update on date on the time line. Now let's share some new video into us this morning at CNN. Following the execution, we do want to warn you as well the grainy black and white video you are about to see may be graphic to you.
2. Melissa Saddam Hussein is dead that is the news that Iraqi's woke to this morning.
3. A mixed but somewhat subdued reaction to the news of Saddam's execution on the streets. In predominantly Shiite areas scenes of jubilation.
4. We`re not afraid of something out there that isn`t the fact checked out, you know, that it`s just a rumor.

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2006-12-14 星期四(Thursday) 晴
1. March is National Women's History Month in the United States, a time when Americans honor the often-neglected contributions women have made to American history and contemporary life. The National Women's Hall of Fame is inducting 12 new members to coincide with the 2003 tribute.
2. The 2003 honorees include a long-distance swimmer, a photography pioneer and a native American who guided the Lewis and Clark Expedition at the turn of the 19th century.
3. The director of the National Women's Hall of Fame, Billie Luisi-Potts, says the institution strives to recognize both contemporary women and historic figures who have been overlooked. One such woman is Sacagawea, a native American who served as an interpreter for the explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in their overland search for a route to the Pacific Ocean from 1803 until 1806.

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2006-12-13 星期三(Wednesday) 阴
1. Now he's a loser with a Jaguar.
2. Seriously, who did he have to blow to get that thing ?
3. Should the headmaster of Baird be seen putt-putting around in some junker ?
4. In fact, I think the board of trustees have had their first, true stroke of inspiration in some time.
5. I'll take that at face value. 把当真
6. You shouldn’t always take his remarks at face value.
7. I'd expect nothing less, sir.
8. What have we here, Murderer's Row?
9. Lift tickets and condo vouchers.

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2006-12-11 星期一(Monday) 晴
1. Where to, guv? 称呼商店、出租车男顾客
2. You’ll have to speak to the guvnor about that. 老板
3. Oh damn! I’ve snagged my stockings. 挂破长筒袜
4. I’ll try to snag the waiter next time he comes by. [get his attention for help]
5. He only offered me $10 for it, so I told him to get stuffed.
6. Yeah? Well you can stuff your damn contract!
7. Nobody knows – even the experts are stumped. 难倒
8. You better get your stuff together or you’re history.
9. Mom, I can’t do anything with her tagging along all the time.

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2006-12-10 星期日(Sunday) 晴
1. The kids were razzing Tom about Jenny. 用Jenny的事嘲笑Tom
2. So what's the plan, Stan? Something special today? Other than splurging on toast. 挥霍
3. Let’s splurge and take a cab. 咱们阔一回,打的吧
4. Look, I'm good for next month's rent.
5. Hey, I'm not afraid of sick images. In fact, it's what I aspire to do, create pictures that are edgy, that really assault you, that reach out and slap you in the face.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Well...I don't know. Shake people out of their...complacency. Your friend would understand. What's her work like?’ ‘She photographs people pissing on each other.

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2006-12-7 星期四(Thursday) 晴
1. I wish I was as gung-ho about my studies as you are. But right now, I am so out of it I don't have energy to do anything. [extremely enthusiastic, overzealous]
2. Dave is an okay person." decent
3. Can I sleep at your pad tonight?" home
4. Let's party tonight!" throw a party, celebrate
5. Dave has been known to sometimes be a party animal." someone that loves parties
6. Get your paws off me!" hands
7. I love my job, but the pay is peanuts."
8. I always have to pee after drinking beer." piss, wee wee

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