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·[MOVIE NOTES] [The. Godfather. Ш] [2004.9.4](2004-9-4)
·MOVIE NOTES The.Godfather. п 2004-9-2 2(2004-9-4)
·Notes.Movie.[the Godfather 1].[2004.8.29](2004-8-30)
·Notes:【MOVIE】The Bridge On the River Kwai[1957](2004-8-14)






# 2004-9-4 星期六(Saturday) 晴
[MOVIE NOTES] [The. Godfather. Ш] [2004.9.4]

The. Godfather. Ш 2004.9.4 MOVIE NOTES
I hope you will come to this ceremony of papal(罗马教皇的) honors given for my charitable work.(慈善事业)
A new period of harmony(协调,融洽) in our lives.
Prevail upon your mother to come to this celebration.
Almighty(全能的) God,bless the insigania……
Sacredness 宗教意义上的神圣,庄严
The noble purposes of this order
May the blessing of the Almighty God descend upon (降临)you and remain with you forever.
No two ways about it.
The order of Saint Sebastain.
Bestow upon
【1 : to put to use : APPLY *bestowed his spare time on study*
2 : to put in a particular or appropriate place : STOW
3 : to provide with quarters : PUT UP
4 : to convey as a gift usually used with on or upon】【Webster】
How about his involvement with the underworld(黑社会)?
Vincent,you haven’t kill me hello yet.
I think I inheritedmy father’s love for speechmaking,but I goes.
The impoverished,穷困的,无能为力的,穷人
give grants to artists.
Funds medical research
Dedicated to the resurrection(复苏) of Sicily.
Don’t spend itall in one place.
But he must finish what he started.
I have bad memories.
That he got from you,that “no”
He throws his life away,He throws greatness away.
Disguised(伪装,假装) by your church.
Reason backed up by murder.
I don’t hate you ,I dread you!
I protect you from all of the horrors from the world.
But you became my horror!
That’s something
For their sake.
He dips his bullets in cyanide.
I hold you on these old hands.
I lost the lust for women.
Let’s go and sample some of it.
I have a tendency to worry.
Candidacy. 候选人的资格
Be assistant to
For a fine priest
I got a stone in my shoe,Mr.Corleone.
Out of the kindness of his heart
Contrary to my advice,you took the job
With this bad blood
Gangster 歹徒,土匪,强盗
I earned that territory with my talent
What do we do with a piece of shit like that?
I know you’re into banks and stocks.
Everyone knows you’re the final word,like the Supreme Court.
I won’t let you down
He go for my gun.
Justifiable 有理由的
Homicide 杀人,杀人者
Take them into surrendering
You are what you are.
The publicity is phenomenal.
Didn’t live to see him ordained. 任命为牧师
If you hear any rumors( 流言蜚语) flying around the Vatican,let me know.
I need your help and not just to light a little candle.
Persuade 说服,劝说
Feed their greed
Friendship and money
Oil and water
Be to blame
Vote is necessary for control
Conglomerate 聚集,聚结
It seems in today’s world the power to absolve debt(免除债务,免除罪过) is greater than the power of forgiveness.
Wash away
What’s there any questioning about the timing on this particular deposit?
Helping your fellow man is profitable in every sense.
My fellow shareholders,if we can learn to pool our wealth,share our markets.
I hope that you will look favorably on my proposal.
Your excellency!
Subject to audit and final ratification
Use me just to pull the strings to get the money where you want it.
To shine up your public image
I would burn in hell to keep you safe.
It can purify their money!
I ask nothing for myself only peace in my old age,but I must please the world around me.
Press conference.
Consortium 社会,社团,联盟
Control the board
This is abrief delay,nothing more.
All bets(赌注) off
You excellency gentleman
You tactics are despicable 可卑的,卑劣的
Indictment 控告
We’ll gladly put you at the helm(舵) of our little fleet.
You’re keeping your eye out for them?
That’s right.
I’m glad you’re groud.
I’m glad you’re here too.
You made fortunes for all of us.
We have prospered.
I thought I’d cut throught all the red tape,so you can get your money right away.
Laundering money.
The new overthrows(打翻,推倒) the old.
It’s netural.
I’m a businessman,first and foremost.
Just when I thought I was out,they pull me back in.
I got my wind back
Have you come to confess your sins
A habit born of a long contemplation(沉思,预谋,深思) of eternity.
Mingling(混合,使混在一起) with people.
Droped by
What’s a what?
Not while I’m alive.
His temper was too bad.Clouded his reason.
Had a way with women.
When they come,they’ll come at what you love.
Let me work to mke your path a little easier.
Your friendship does that always.
You still have your fingers on the strings,even now.
Let’s see more of each other.
But now that he’s out of the picture,we’re obligated to step in.
Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind.
Massacre. 残杀,集体大屠杀
You honor your decisions.
But they have no honor.
My word is final
Politics and crime,they’re the same thing.

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# 2004-9-4 星期六(Saturday) 晴
MOVIE NOTES The.Godfather. п 2004-9-2 2

My staff indicates with assurance……
We will tolerate no guerillas(游击性行为)in the casinos or swimming pools.
I hope my age is correct. I’m always accurate about my age.
When a man comes to this point in his life he wants to turn over the things he’s been blessed with.Turn over to friends as reward for the friends he’s had.
And to make sure that everything goes well after he’s gone.
There’s no limit to where we can go from here.
Swanky. 漂亮的,时髦的
At the time of my retirement or death
make sure that things go smooth back home
He killed himself,and he took a captain of the command with him.
Occure to me
The two million never got to the island.
Get around
I was mad at you.
Tease me
I want you to show then a good time in Havana.
Can I trust you with something?
A reception to bring in the new year.
You just go along as though you know nothing.
I’ve already made my move.What move?
Fly him in from Miari.
My sixth sense tells me
But who gave the go-ahead
Sort of looked up to me,you know.
A man of wision and guts.
And there isn’t even a plaque or a signpost.
This is the business we’ve chosen
I’ve been looking forward to this.
Refill time
Know these places like the back of his hand.
What kept Mr.Roth?
I understand he was coming.
Don’t make a big thing about it.
Resign from office.
It was a little car with an electric motor that he could ride in.
Get in trouble with him.
I hear you and your friends cleared $60 each.
Wet my beak.sweat for
Now that I say stays in this room.
I take care of everything
Is it a dead?
Go for it?
I’m short of money right now.
Been out of work
How come I never heard of you before?
The present time
What was your position?
You killed people at the behest of your superiors?
Amplify your answer a bit.
Evicted 驱逐,逐出
For no good reason
We’re practically paison.
Here’s six months increase in advance.
Watch out or I’ll kide your Sicilian ass right into the street!
Because after all,money isn’t everything.
Verify the witness’s statement.
A growing number of my constituents.
Of my own committee.
What’s over.
Patriotic. 有爱国心的
It would a shame if we allowed a few rotten apples to give a bad name to the whole barrel.
They are the salt of the earth.
They are one of the backbones of this country.
……from the time of ……up to the time of……right up until the present day……
you have been advised as to your legal rights.
Testimony 证词
Testified 证明
Are personally responsible for
Assume, vt.假定, 设想, 采取, 呈现
consolidate, v.巩固
falsehood. n.谬误, 不真实, 谎言, 虚假
my utmost sincerity
is totally out of order,at this time.
In all fairness I think the statement should be heard.
Conspiracy. 共谋,阴谋
Decency 庄重
I consider it a great dishonor to me personally to have deny that I am a criminal.
Refuge 庇护,避难所
Besmirch 弄脏,弄污
Corroborate 使坚固,确证
Stand in recess
Adjourned vi.延期, 休会, 换另一 个地方;vt.使中止, 推迟
Good night’s sleep
Got a big day tomorrow.
Make a deal with the Don Vincent.
Double-cross:to deceive by double-dealing
Airtight 密封的,无懈可击的
Perjury 伪誓,伪证
I was kept pretty much in the dark.
Is there anything you can help me out with?
Bump into me
Be in a big deal together
There is something in it for me if I could help him out.
I was stepped over!
Come to order
You are contracdicting a sworn statement
Here and now under oath 誓言,宣誓,诅咒
They promised me a deal
Confession 供认,承认,招供
Would you kindly identify for the committee?
He came at his own expense to aid……
In this time of trouble
This committee owes an apology.
Hold on a minute
Things have been going on for years between men and women
I’ll make it up to you
You are blind
Something that’s unholy and evil.
There would be no way……
No way you could ever forgive me
You were just being strong for all of us the way Papa was.
Invalidated 使无效
It’s not impossible,Nothing’s impossible.
If anything in this life is certain,If history’s taught us anything,It’s that you can kill anyone.
How would you like it if I taught you how to catch really big fish?
Based in the old home allegiance(家庭式效忠)called them regimes.
Knock off
That’s a good break,nice deal!
Pension 养老金,退休金
Bled to death
In the twilight( 微光,黎明) of my life.
Let’s play some hearts.
Absentee 缺席者,未上班者
Droopy thing 下垂的,无精打采的
Sit down
Enlisted 募捐,征集,参军
Pop has to pull a lot of strings to get you a deferment.(延期,暂缓)

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# 2004-8-30 星期一(Monday) 晴
Notes.Movie.[the Godfather 1].[2004.8.29]

……try to take advantage od her
She wa the light of my life.
Trial 审讯
Suspended sentence 缓期审判
Bastard 私生子
Paradise 天堂
They must suffer then sa she suffers.
You look terrific!——并不一定是贬义,而往往是出于惊叹的带夸张的赞美。
I pledge my ever-ending loyalty.
Bridal purse. 婚礼彩礼
Cling to you. 听你的。
Sign a release. 签发豁免。
That’s my family,Kay.It’s not me.
It puts me right back up on top again.
What is that nonsense?Ridiculous!
Let me lay it on the line for you and your boss,whoever he is!
Check him out!
You do appreciate beautiful!
Narcotics 麻醉毒品
I receive 30% for finance.
Fingernails 手指甲
Find out what you can!
Vendettas 族间仇杀,族仇
Supervision 监督,管理
Purple 紫色的
Ribbon 丝带,绸带
Cracking down
Causeway 铺道,堤道
I want all inquiries made!I want not acts of vengeance.
The old man call you at his request.
Now you own your Don’s service.
Now,he will be at your funeral parlor in one hour.
Do me this service.
Massacre. 残杀,集体屠杀
Times are changing for the worse.
The other territories of the country.
How did things ever get so far?It was so unfortunate and unnecessary,I’m willing to let things go on the way they were before.
We all know him as a man of his word.He’ll always listen to reason.
He had all the judges and politicians in his pocket!
Accommodation 住处,膳宿
Is gonna destroy us in the years to come.
A refusal is not the act of a friend.He must let us draw the water from the well.
They’re animals anyway,so let them lose their souls.
The traffic in drugs will be permitted and controlled.
I want his strict assurance.
I’m a supustitious man.And if some unlucky accident shoud befall him.If he should get shot in the head by a police afficer,or if he should hang himself in his jail cell,or if he’s struck by a bolt of lightening.Then I’m going to blame some of the people in this room.And that I do not forgive.
But that aside.Let me say that I swear on the souls of my grandchildren.
Pimp. 男妓,皮条客
He never could’ve outfought Sabtino.
Do you know how naïve you sound.
What do you want with me after all this time without even calling or writing?
Well,Michael is now head of the family,……and if he gives his permission,then you have my blessing.
Break off the corleone family and go on your own.
Thumb 拇指,势力
Michael has all my confidence,as you do.
I can’t get over the way your face looks.
I’ll be right back,you keep them occupied.
Who are the girls?
That’s for you to find out.
Get rid of them.
I don’t know what the hell’s the matter with him.
The Don’s pround of you too.I owe it all to him.
That’s why he’d like to ask a favor of you.
The chef cooked for you special,the dancers will kick your tongue out and your credit is good.Draw chips for everybody in the room so they can play with the house.
You’re getting chased out of New York.
I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders.
I’m like a fool dancing on a string held by all those big shots!
Traitor 叛徒
He says we can straighten sny of our problems out.
Baptism. 洗礼,浸礼
It screws up all my arrangements!
You fingered Sonny for the Barzini people.
Widow. 寡妇,鳏夫
Because it insults my intelligence.
Hysterical. 歇斯底里
What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?
Imean,we’re not murderers in spite of what this undertaker says.
Masculine 男子气概的,强壮的
See that scary guy over there?
And he helps my father out sometimes.
No more attempts on my father’s life.Is it all right?
My father made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.
Hold a gun to his head,and my father assured him that erther his brains or his signature would be on the contract.
Is that how you turned out?
The man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.
I want you to leave all to me.
Woltz would grant us a small favor.
And what favor would your friend grant Mr.Woltz?
I am a lawyer,I am not threatened.
To Italian people,that’s a very religious,sacred,close relationship.
He never asks a second favor when he’s been refused the first.
My compliments!致意!
Why do I deserve this generosity?
I have a sentimental weakness for my children.And I spoil them,as you can see.
My no is final.
I missed my chance.You think too much of me,kid.I’m not that clever.All I want is a truce.
Police caption linked with Drug rackets!
The police have been cracking down on most of our operations.
Things are starting to loosen up a little bit.If you go after Tattaglia,all hell’s going to break loose.
Let the smoke clear,Pop can negotiate.
Stalemate 僵局。We cann’t afford a stalemate.
You’re getting a great reputation.I hope you’re enjoying it.
I apologized if I affended you.I’m a stranger in this country,and I meant no disrespect to you or your daughter.

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# 2004-8-21 星期六(Saturday) 晴

………………How fiercely we loved.我们爱的有多么热烈。
It a good day for crows.对乌鸦来说今天是个好天。
You can't hold the whole world.
Your best fighter against my fighter.
Don't play with me.别耍我。
Fighting is nothing poetic。战争一点都不诗意。
You know nothing about love,fighting.
You are a man of honor.
He was born to end lives.
You have your swords,I have my tricks.
You'll get the ship.
Perhaps it's not wise to affend him.
But thousands of years late dust our bones will go……但是千百年后我们都会化归尘土。
You are nothing but killer!
Agamemnon requests your present.
War is young fighting,and old men talking.And you know this,Achilies.Ignore the politics!
You came here because you want your name last to ages.
Tomorrow we will battle down Troy Gates!
light fall。日落
I suppose,fight for love makes more sense than all the rest,But i am the noly noe fighting.
It's too late for that!
Too many peolpe died because I am here.
The army is marching.
Are you ready to kill,to take life?
And who will you fight for when I am gone?
Human are lamentable!人类是可悲的!
Soldiers obey!军人的天职是服从。
No more of your people need to die!
First,you must give Hilon back to my brother,Second,Troy must subject to my command,and fight for me whenever I call.
It is not a 冒犯 to say a dead man he is dead.
Perhaps they deserve more than your pity.
I choose nothing!
The world seem too simple for you,my friend.But when you were a king,very few choices are simple.
You don't fear anything,but that's your problem.Fear is uesful!
Day break.黎明
I have seen this moment in my dreams.
But give me this small mercy.
He died too early before this time.
I have endured what no one else has endured before.
I love my son from the moment he opened his eyes to the moment you closed them.
In this world or the next,we will be together!
To find peace,my brother!
But these names will never die.
I lived in a time of Achilies.
3200 years ago,After decades of warfare,Agamemnon,king of Mycenae,has forced the kingdoms of Greece into a loose alliance.Only Thessaly remains nconquered.Agamemnon's
brother Menelaus,king of Sparta,is weary of battle.He seeks to make peace with Troy,the most powerful rival to the emerging Greek nation.Achillies,considered the greatest warrior ever born,fights for the Greek army.But his disdain for Agamemnon's rule threatens to break the fragile Alliance.

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sophisticated n,vt,vi 久经世故的人;老油条;精于……之道的人
 篡改,曲解
 诡辩
integrity 完整性
wizard 神汉,男巫
be mounted on 被安装在……之上
read/write heads are mounted on arms that extended over both top and bottom surface of each disk.
binary bits 二进位代码
randomly-sequentially 随机的-连续的
a few millionths of a second
discrete 离散
retrieved 重新找到,找回
track 磁道 sector 扇区 cylinder 柱面
concentric circular paths 同心环状
allocated 已分派,已分配
corruption 腐败,腐化
fragmentation 分裂,碎片
contiguous 邻近的
alternative 替代方法,另一种选择
One hard disk may 【contain up to】 four primary partitions,or three primary
The entended partition was invented as a way of getting around the arbitrary four-partition limit.
The CPU immediately executes the instructions built into the computer's ROM BIOS.
invalidate 使……无效
configuration 构造,结构,配置,外形

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# 2004-8-14 星期六(Saturday) 晴
Notes:【MOVIE】The Bridge On the River Kwai[1957]

stand easy:稍息
eyes right:向右看齐
quick march:齐步走
count three:数三声
a game of cricket:一项板球运动
You can't stand much more of this!
It’s the first time for me to come across this man。
It’s a question of face,pure and simple.
black mail:勒索
have a word with sb.
If we give in now,there'll be no end to it.
We'er under a man who'll stop at nothing to get his way!
better off:景况较好
Better be the head of an ass than the tail of a horse.
Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.
better fed than taught
better half配偶(妻子)
better than nothing
better than one's word
It's a matter of principle
Please thank those concerned.
Many thanks.
win through
He is responsible,not I!
the Genevan Conventions日内瓦公约
It's essential for an officer to have respect like that.
demoralization and chaos:道德败坏,纪律松弛,士气消沉,一片混乱
You stubborn but you have no shy;You endure but you have no courage!
shy fish:羞羞答答的家伙
You deserve a medal!
Can you stop to make these face?
make a go of it:
set him straight:直接对他说?
hastily:急速地, 轻率地, 慌忙地, 草率地
The consensus of the opinion is that it's impossible!
follow my heart!:听我的
democratic:民主的, 民主主义的
That will be quite something.
Too many eyes!
It will be belief as possible.
You could give us no end of valuable information.
stand me up tonight!:晚上支持我
blow it up:把它炸掉
It's too far for bombers to carry a load;
turn you over to us
模仿, 扮演, 人格化, 拟人
in one sense you are a hero
That figures!
good show!
get cracking!破裂
a gang of slaves:一帮奴隶
get him with your boot:踢他
About time you paid us a visit.
at ease!
The objective comes first in your work.
like a kid with fire crackers.爆破筒
keep open mind!
talk rot:腐败了
it's going without saying
Imagine being forced to build that in the condition they must be in.
it might boost his morale:这可能助长了他的民心
get cracking:炸掉他
some sort of entertainment
In the same old way!

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# 2004-2-22 星期日(Sunday) 晴

最近在中国国家地理杂志【China National Geography Magazine】偶尔【once in a while】看到以轴线投点的方式描绘的【described】两河流域文明史【civilization history】。把文字部分摘录【quote】了下来。
约公元前4000年 苏美尔人定居美索不达美亚平原。【美索不达美亚,在希腊文中意为两河之间的土地。两河,幼发拉底河和底格底斯河】。
定居:settle down
平原:plain,引申:adj.简单的, 明白的, 平常的, 清晰的, 普通的, 朴素的
约公元前3500~3000年 大洪水爆发,即圣经中记载的洪水和诺亚方舟的故事。
At that time,a large flood broke out,which corresponded with the tales recorded in Bible about the flood and Noah's Ark。
一个词must be attentioned:bibliography,书目,参考书目,系由这个“圣经”引申【explicated】而来。
公元前3200年 “东方的拉丁语”楔形文字在两河流域形成。两河流域缺乏木材和石料,但有取之不尽的来自两河冲积平原上的粘性泥土,苏美尔人将之制成泥板,用芦苇制成的书写工具在上面刻字或画图,形成的文字符号的每一笔按压的部分痕迹宽深,拖出的部分窄浅,就象木楔一样,楔形文字的名称由此而来。
A kind of new letters came into being.
Woods and stones are deficient along the drainage area.
But clay was of great abundance.
公元前3000年 制定了世界上最早的天文立法。苏美尔人在高台阶上观察月亮的变化,根据月亮之盈亏将一年分为12个月,共354天,设闰月。一星期7天,由天上星辰各神的名字命名。
The people observed the movement of the moon in the sky on high stages.One year was divided into 12 monthes.
The first school in the world was set up.
公元前2350年 阿卡德王朝建立,萨尔贡一世统治两河流域。
A new dynasty came into existence.A new king ruled the drainage area.
When the dynasty was at the height of power and splendour,“Emperor of all over the world” conquered those tribes in remote areas.
【rule】:1,to have and use the highest form of power over(country,people).esp as a king/queen or government;2,to be influnced or controlled by
【govern】:1,to rule(a country,city,etc.and its people);2,to control or determine
【dominate】:1,to have or exercise controlling power;2,to have the most important place ro position
【predominate】:to be greater or greatest in numbers,force,influnce,etc.占优势,占绝对优势,居统治地位;【predominant】:most powerful,noticeable,or important。主要的,最显著的,突出的,占支配地位的
【reign】:1,to be king/queen,为王,君王统治;2,lit to exist,存在,支配,盛行。
Silence reigned once more after the thunder。雷声过后又是一片静寂。
【rein】:vt.以缰绳控制, 统治, 驾驭
公元前2300年 世界上最早的地图产生,在北部的纳尔根特佩出土的粘土地图上可以看到一片被小丘环绕的地区,有一条水道穿过。楔形文字在地图中央标明了土地所有者和土地的面积。
A map made of clay was unearthed【come out of the land】。
The possessor and the size of the land were marked by the wedge-shaped characters in the middle of the map。
公元前2170~2006年 乌尔的苏美尔人建立了第三王朝,创立了世界上第一部成文法典《乌尔纳姆法典》,同时进入了青铜时代,建造了吉库拉塔形式的白色神庙。
成文法典,statute law;
青铜时代,Bronze era;王小波的《黄金时代》,《白银时代》,《青铜时代》:gold rea,silver era,bronze era;
最长远的是地质时代【geological epoch,era】了,相比较而言,人类自从诞生到现在也不过200万年左右的光景,too short time!相比漫长的几十亿年的地球历史而言,简直是太短了,而人类文明的产生历史则更短。
If we pay attention to the history of the Earth in a long-time scale,we will found that we humanbeing’s existing period is too short,compared to that of the planet on which we live.However,the history of human civilization is much more short,which merely is about 5000 years.
时段:period of time
initiate originate
 这章未曾写完。这七章是前女友准备考研时,为了给她补习英语,獾每晚在笔记本上写就。

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1. 画像,肖像,人像,portrait,给出某人的侧面像,用profile,在地质上【geologically】,也可以指地层的【stratum】剖面;
2. Image-imagine-imagery-imaginable-imaginary-imagination-imaginative
Image:影像,形象,偶像,存在于人的意象之中。In the mind
An image of a country garden came into my mind,我脑海中涌现出一幅农村花园的景象。
Imagine:to form a picture or an idea in the mind,想象。
Imaginable:可以想象的,every imaginable possibility,可以想象得到得一切可能性。
All the characters in this book are imaginary。这本书中所有的人物都是虚构的。
Imagination:想象,想象力。A vivid imagination,活跃的想象力。
Imaginative:运用想象力的,富于想象力的。Compare imaginative with imaginary。
Blame—to consider someone responsible for something bad。归咎于人,推诿,责备。
They blamed George for the failure.他们把失败归咎于乔治。
【Somebody】be to blame for something
【somebody】take/bear the blame for something
accuse-to charge someone with doing wrong or breaking the law,控告,谴责,一般是被谴责的对象犯了法,或者做了别人不能容忍的【can not hold with,can not be tolerant,tolerable】,道义【morality and justice】感很强。
The police accused him of murder。
Accuse somebody of something,控告某人某罪行。
Scold-to speak in an angry and complaining way,esp.to blame。责骂,责备。骂出声来。
The child was scolded by its mother。为什么用its?孩子还小,估计还不知道是男是女。
Condemn-to express strong disapproval of someone or someaction。谴责,指责。
Most of people are willing to condemn violence of any sort as evil。很多人都喜欢把任何的暴力行为加以谴责。
Reprove—责骂,谴责。To scold for bad behaviour。一般的骂出声来。A reproving voice。
Reproach-v,blame,责备,指责。 She give me a look of reproach。
 n,a word or words of blame,谴责的话,斥责的言词。
 When he came back drunk he was greeted with loud reproached。
Charge- 责令:She charged me to look after her son。
 V,=accuse,控告,指控。He was charged with stealing the jewels;
 N, a spoken or written statement blaming a person for breaking the law or for doing something morally wrong,触犯法律,或者做了道义上的错事,被谴责的言词。
A summary:blame,accuse,charge,reproach,reprove,scold,punish,对人
Scold,reprove 主要是骂,骂出声来。
mad-让人生气,抓狂,想象一下。比 angry程度稍重。
Fury-furious:a state of very great anger,暴怒,狂怒。She was in a fury and could nor saya word。她气得话都说不出来。
Rage:a state of wild uncontrollable anger。盛怒,狂怒;勃然大怒,雷霆大怒。
He flies into a rage every time I mention money。
大凡【generally,in most cases】动怒,总是伤肝火的事情,总有怒的诱因【inducement,occasion】。
Bother—to cause to be nervous;annoy,trouble,esp.in little ways。烦扰,打扰;
Irritate-to make angry or excite in an unpleasant way。激怒,使烦躁;
Annoy-to cause trouble,make a little angry。打搅,使烦恼,使生气。
These flies are annoying me。这些苍蝇弄得我心烦。

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天安门,世界上最大的城市广场。Tian’anmen Square,whose size is of the utmost largeness in the world,is the most important political center。天安门城楼的巨幅画像【figure】,是毛泽东。1989年4月,有三个来自湖南【Hunan province】的年轻人,向画像泼了墨汁。广场上的年青学生们齐声谴责【blame the three young men in chorus for their crazy actions】。是夜,狂风暴雨【blustering rainstorm】。难道真龙天子真的动怒了?
1, big-large-huge。
Big,大,印象或物品体积或程度。A big wind,大风;in a big rage,大怒;
large,面积或体积或印象的大,a large city【不能用big city,再怎么big,在large面前也显得缩微】,a large sum of money。
Huge巨大, 指程度上,尺寸上,数量上的超过一般的情况:a huge elephant。
2, great-grand-giant。
Great,伟大,大,非常的,重大的。A great expedition,一次伟大的远征;of great importance,非常重要。Great Wall,长城。
grand,含有“大”的意思,但不仅仅是三维量值的大, 而且指能够打动人的精神或者智力,甚至对美的感受等。这个大,融入了人类赞美的感情。盛大,豪华。a grand view,壮丽的景色。grand entrance,雄伟的大门。grand people,达官贵人。
3, huge-colossal-titanic-gigantic-immense→vast-enormous-tremendous
China is a vast/huge/enormous country。
There is a gigantic/colossal/immense new building in the center of the city。
Actually,small discriminations exist between these words,which must be paid to enough attention:
Vast:very large and wide;great in size or amount。巨大的,广袤的,浩瀚的,大量的。指在尺寸;数目;数量和份量上的大;
Vast spaces,巨大的空间;vast square,巨大的广场
He earned enormous sums of money and was paid as much as £100 for a single appearence.
An enormous object庞然大物
Even by modern standards, the 46, 000 ton Titanic was a colossal ship.
即使按照现代的标准看,那46, 000吨的泰坦斯尼克号也是一艘巨轮。
Gigantic,unusually large in amount or size。指数量或体积上的超乎寻常的大。巨大的,庞大的,巨人般的。
前面刚刚提到 titanic:本来是指的是希腊神化【Greece fable】中的提坦神,太阳神,巨人。常用来形容体积大而且力量大的机器。电影《titanic》把这个词带给了我们。
As a great many people will be visiting the country, the government will be building new hotels, an immense stadium, and a fine new swimming pool.
注意immense 与immerse,的区别。后者是沉浸在水中的意思。
She was so immersed in work that she didn’t notice me。
Tremendous,巨大的,极大的,惊人的。Very great in size,amount or degree,在尺寸,数量,或程度上的大,偏重于程度。
To travel at a tremendous speed,以极为惊人的速度行进;
A tremendous explosion,大爆炸。
In his day, Mendoza enjoyed tremendous popularity.
 4,附带的讲一组关于小的词:
tiny很小,tiny insects小昆虫
这些词需要仔细的体会【be experienced often】与分辨【be distinguished carefully】,而且在实践的使用中方能准确把握确切的用法【exact usage】。

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# 2004-2-22 星期日(Sunday) 晴

景物是与人的视角,视野相联系的,The scenery is connected with human views.先看一个词:perspective,本是透视的画法,透视图。引申为“远景,前景,展望,前途”。人为这所有透视的起点,于是有“观点,看法,观察”。
We must look at the problem in perspective/in its proper perspective.
A perspective of our country’s history。
landscape:n.风景, 山水画, 地形, 地貌
landscape应该在范围上比scenery更宏观,朗文上的解释:a wide view of country scenery。Scenery可指某点的风景,也可指舞台的布景。Scene:现场, 场面, 情景, 景色, 发生地点, [戏剧]一场, 布景, 道具布置。
sight:n.视力, 视觉, 见, 瞥见, 视域, 眼界
catch sight of,看见
in one's own sight
由自己的眼光看来, 照自己的见解
in sb.'s sight
在某人面前; 照某人的眼光看来
in sight
Insight into,洞察……
所谓老心者治人,劳力者治于人,mentally govern,physically governed。
当年毛泽东在北京大学图书馆做了几个月的图书管理员(administrator),月薪是8块大洋。那时北大图书馆在沙滩红楼。李大钊还好点,对毛泽东倒还客气(kindly),因为李是馆长。但其他的大学者们(scholars,professors)是多少(more or less)有些(somewhat,slightly)学者派头的(professorial),对毛润之先生可是视而不见。他们当然估计也不会看面相,若要是有曾文正公的相面术,可能会对毛泽东好点。据说,毛泽东的自尊心(self-esteem)受到了莫大的(utmost)伤害(hurt),在心灵上【psychologically,心理上的】留下痕迹(marks,trace),为日后迫害(persecute)知识分子(intellectuals)埋下伏笔【foreshadowing,fore-:预报性,预示性的动作,forecast,天气预报,shadow阴影】。这当然是八卦式的瞎推论,且不信他,但毛这个人自负骄傲,倒是必然的。
谁若有了知识资本,谁就有了话语的能力,就有可能掌握着话语的权力。历代的统治者(governors)们是惮于(fear to)让人们有知识会思考的,思考多了,给自己的统治挑出(seek out)什么毛病,就很麻烦。知识分子们则不一样,一向是“为天地立心,为生民立命,为往圣继绝学,为万世开太平”的姿态。统治者往往笼络知识人,得到知识资源的补充【rainforce,加强的意义】,以寻求(seek for)政权(regime)的合法性(legitimacy)。但有时候,知识分子很让人恼火,老挑皇帝的刺。他们bother了皇帝,让皇帝感到很郁闷(depressed),很boring。麻烦了。
毛泽东安静的躺在纪念堂【memorial】里面。外面的世界依然在变(evolve,用这个词好些,演变,发展,进化),川流不息,毛本人的body,成了众人观仰的对象。实际上(actually,virtually),这就是一种看。有一次在广场打车,跟北京的出租车司机聊起(talk about)毛泽东。他说,毛一生作的最大的错事是杀光了聪明人。是啊,地主,知识人,都是聪明人。唉,这历史,这穿透千年的惆怅,我心头无以言说。

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