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2007-8-28 星期二(Tuesday) 晴
作者:英国《金融时报》克里斯•弗勒德(Chris Flood)
2007年8月28日 星期二
 Mounting fears about the potential impact on economic growth from the turbulence in global capital markets are prompting a dramatic reassessment of the outlook for world interest rates.
“资本市场目前的动荡已进入一个新的重要阶段,对美国和全球经济的风险正在显现,”瑞银集团(UBS)经济学家拉里•夏德威(Larry Hatheway)表示。“如果货币政策及时做出回应,则可以避免一次全球性硬着陆。”
 “Ongoing tumult in capital markets has moved into a new and important phase where risks to US and world output are emerging,” says Larry Hatheway, economist at UBS: “Provided monetary policy responds in a timely manner, a global hard landing can be avoided.”

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2007-8-15 星期三(Wednesday) 晴
英国《金融时报》安德鲁•泰勒(Andrew Taylor)伦敦报道
2007年8月14日 星期二

国际劳工组织(International Labour Organisation)称,未来10年,预计亚洲劳动力规模的增速将放缓,这将危及该地区增长最为迅速的经济体的产出增幅。
The rise in the size of Asia’s labour force is expected to slow over the next decade threatening output growth in some of the region’s fastest growing economies, according to the International Labour Organisation.

Uneven rates of population growth, ageing workforces, and a huge shift in employment from rural areas to cities pose challenges for the region’s rapidly growing economies it says in a report to be published today.

到2015年前,亚洲劳动力数量预计将增加2.21亿,至20亿,因为伊朗、不丹、柬埔寨和巴基斯坦等国继续受益于处于“最佳工作年龄”人口比例的上升,这一年龄介于25岁至54岁之间。但这种“人口红利”(demographic dividend)的时间有限,因为在整个亚洲地区,0至15岁儿童以及15至24岁年轻人所占比例在不断下降。
Asia’s workforce is expected to increase by 221m to 2bn by 2015 as countries such as Iran, Bhutan, Cambodia and Pakistan continue to benefit from a rise in the proportion of “prime working-age” people, between 25 and 54. But the life of this “demographic dividend” would be limited with the proportion of children aged 0 to 15 and youth aged 15 to 24 declining across the whole of the region.

The ILO warns that more developed regions such as Singapore, South Korea and parts of China are likely to hit the “demographic cliff” even earlier.

“At the end of the decade, there will be a marked increase in the share of the population aged 65 and above in every region, with the largest increases taking place in the developed economies,” it says.

More than a quarter of the people in some “developed economies” are expected to be older than 65 by 2015. In China family planning policies had “accelerated the process of demographic transition”. As a result, the country was “ageing faster than any other nation in history”. In Japan the number of people retiring from the country’s workforce since 1999 had exceeded the number of new recruits.

In spite of average annual GDP growth of 6.3 per cent between 2000 and 2006 – more than twice rates experienced in the rest of the world – many people in the region were still suffering from serious poverty. More than 1bn people, representing almost 62 per cent of the region’s labour force, were still working in the “informal economy”. Some 900m were living on less than US$2 a day and “308m of these living in extreme poverty on less than US$1 per day”, says the ILO.

Problems facing employers and politicians include: increasing migration by millions seeking better paid work abroad; the growing movement of people from the land to cities, with the region’s urban population expected to grow by 350m by 2015, while the rural population is expected to rise by only 15m; rising income inequalities; and the need to improve job opportunities particularly for women.

为促进经济增长,对原材料和能源的需求将加大环境压力。国际劳工组织总干事胡安•索马维亚(Juan Somavia)表示:“有一点很明显:长期而言,像往常那样做事是不可持续的。亚洲正经历着前所未有的经济增长和社会发展。与此同时,环境压力、经济不安全、治理缺陷和收入分配不均等引发的脆弱性,对该地区未来的发展构成了威胁。”
The need for raw materials and energy to fuel growth was increasing environmental pressures. Juan Somavia, ILO director general, said: “One thing is clear: doing business as usual is not sustainable over the long term. Asia is experiencing unprecedented growth and development. At the same time, vulnerabilities arising from environmental pressures, economic insecurity, shortcomings in governance and unequal income distribution pose a threat to the region’s future development.”



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英国《金融时报》宋京雅(Song Jung-a)首尔报道
2007年8月13日 星期一

全球最大造船商——韩国现代重工业株式会社(Hyundai Heavy Industries)上周五公布了创纪录的季度利润,在围绕中国的全球贸易不断增长的推动下,市场对船舶日益上升的需求推升了船价。
Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world’s largest shipbuilder, on Friday reported a record quarterly profit as increasing demand for ships drove up vessel prices amid growing global trade surrounding China.

South Korean shipbuilders are expected to post strong earnings this year as they boast ample order backlogs that will keep them busy for three-and-a-half years.

South Korea is the world’s biggest shipbuilding country with three top builders – Hyundai, Samsung and Daewoo – that have a combined global market share of about 40 per cent.



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2007-8-7 星期二(Tuesday) 晴
How Two Lives Met In Death
Special report: Suicide bombings have driven the conflict in the Mideast to new and dangerous levels. This is the story of two teens whose paths tragically intersected: an innocent Israeli and the Palestinian girl who became a walking weapon of terror.
By Joshua Hammer
April 15 issue
It was a typical Friday afternoon in the Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood of southern Jerusalem. At the Supersol market, the Sabbath rush was underway; shoppers pushed their carts past shelves stripped bare of bread and matzos for the weeklong Passover holiday.

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2007-8-7 星期二(Tuesday) 晴

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2005-10-27 星期四(Thursday) 多云
Morgan Stanley Settles Bias Case for $54 Million
Published: July 12, 2004
In a last-minute, out-of-court settlement, Morgan Stanley has agreed to pay up to $54 million to settle claims that the investment bank blocked more than 300 female employees from promotions and bonuses in its institutional equities division, while rewarding lesser-performing men.

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2005-10-26 星期三(Wednesday) 阴

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Hu Jintao was named chief of the Communist Party in China.
SCENE: The Oval Office. George Bush and Condolezza Rice.
(场景)nn 椭圆形办公室,乔治布什和国家安全顾问康多里扎赖斯。
George: Condi! Nice to see you. What's happening?
布什: 康迪(赖斯)! 很高兴见到你,发生什么事情了?
Condi: Sir, I have the report about the new leader of China.
George: Great . Let's hear it.
布什: 好极了,我们一起来听听!
Condi: Hu is the new leader of China.

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2005-10-23 星期日(Sunday) 晴
--- 影片:爱玛
--- 影片:简爱
--- 影片:辛德勒名单
--- 影片:四根羽毛

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2005-10-23 星期日(Sunday) 晴
上海三日报营运出状况 记者裁员减薪
2005-08-01 17:38:08
  上海三十一日电 上海第一财经日报等三家新兴主要报纸,最近传出因为企业不景气和广告量不如理想等原因,纷纷出现裁员、缩版和记者减薪的情况。
  受到影响的报纸是第一财经日报、每日经 新闻和东方早报,裁员和减薪的对象达到数百人。这些报纸都是过去一年多在上海出现的新报刊。
  上海新闻界消息人士告诉中央社记者说,每日经济新闻最近有三十多名记者离职,而第一财经日报则是将记者稿酬统一调降标准。
  一名消息人士表示,每日经济新闻目前在执行减薪和大幅减少稿费,记者的工资减少了三分之一以上;受到影响的包含全部记者,约有五十到六十人,其中约有三十多人陆续离职;同时报纸的新闻版面也准备缩版。
  这......

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