MF60B: Calligraphy Art Work II of Chen Yinong

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My Father's rendering of Mao’s poem about the PLA successfully seize control of Nanjing in 1949.. Sorry for the creases -_-!

MF60B Festival: Lin Sanzhi dedicated to My Father

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Lin Sanzhi (1898–1989), who was honorred as the contemporary Sage of Curives Script(草聖), produced this work for My Father Chen Yinong(陳宜農) in January 1978.

MF60B Festival: Wei Tianchi dedicated to C.Yinong

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Thank Wiwiloving and Frank Chan for joining MF60B Festival. :)
Now, I'm going to continue celebrating My Father's birthday by posting another copy of work which was dedicated by Wei Tianchi, the president of Jiangsu Calligraphers Association.

MF60B Festival: My Father and Kant

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Good morning to those of you who are reading this in the morning. Im going to do a blog entry for MF60B(My Father's 60th Birthday)Festival proudly proclaiming My Father and Kant finally met each other in heaven.

Father approached to see me before heading to Russia by the end of my freshman year in April,2001, when there was a particular wish I told him that if he had occasion to go to Kaliningrad, where had been called Koenigsberg before, please send me a couple of photos and items which had something to do with Kant. How strangely then I was obsessed with the philosophy, and did not care anything else. Though I’d never dreamed to be a philosopher, I enjoyed many kinds of theories, especially the philosophical thinking of Kant.

MF60B Festival: Xu Shiqiao dedicated to Chen Yinon

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Xu Shiqiao, who is a descendant of the well-known Chinese painter and calligrapher Zheng Banqiao(鄭板橋), dedicated his work to My Father Chen Yinong(陳宜農).

MF60B: Calligraphy Art Work of Chen Yinong

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Im gonna continue the MF60B celebration by posting the Calligraphy Art Work of my Father. This work was produced with his brush on January1, 2000.

Of course, it sounds odd to put the Chinese poem literally into English:
Heaven and Earth are astonished by the words that passed on for thousands of years, and
Mountains and Clouds that covered thousands of miles are painted into a picture

My Father`s 60th Birthday is nearing

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My Father's 60th Birthday (MF60B) is nearing. My father was born on July2, 1949 on the lunar calendar. This year, that day fell on August 21 on the Gregorian calendar.
I am planning to spend five days celebrating MF60B festival (August17~21) on this blog, and it’s the first day today. I will kick off the celebration by releasing the English version of my entry about My Father that I posted on this blog three years ago.

My Father, Chen Yinong, was born on July 27 (July2 on the lunar calendar), 1949, in Yangzhou, a city known for cultural appeal. He passed away on September5, 2005 at the age of fifty six.

During the Cultural Revolution, he was asked to write vast stores of quotations from Chairman Mao on numerous walls with his brush, and gradually became a young calligrapher. When he was twenty-eight, in 1977, he was recommended to learn the calligraphy from Lin Sanzhi (1898-1989), one of the most famous calligraphers and painters in modern Chinese history. Lin was almost eighty years old, and still had twelve years to live.

After studying from Lin in Nanjing, he went to work in Shanghai for some six years. He was busy making his living and held a variety of odd jobs. In late 1980s, he took the civil service examination and started to work in the local commission of birth control.

In 2000, he ran his business in Heilongjiang (the northeastern part of China), Russia, and Xinjiang for a couple of years. During the last two years, he was finally obsessed in the art of calligraphy. In June 2004, he was awarded the “Ouyang Xun” Prize, and therefore his calligraphy work was published in the “Review of Contemporary Chinese calligraphers”. In June 2005, he won a national Calligraphy and Painting Awards, “The Humanities Cup,” and his work was adopted in “Awarded Works of Calligraphy and Painting.” Due to his great achievements, his biography had been listed in Who’s Who in the World, a well-known directory containing short biographies of influential persons.

What are we gonna write about?

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Consider this exchange that Frank McCourt, the Pulitzer Prize—winning author of Angela's Ashes and other memoirs, had with a skeptical student:

"Mr. McCourt, you're lucky," the author recounts in Teacher Man. "You had that miserable childhood, so you have something to write about. What are we gonna write about? All we do is get born, go to school, go on vacation, go to college, fall in love or something, graduate and go into some kind of profession, get married, have the 2.3 kids you're always talking about, send the kids to school, get divorced like 50 percent of the population, get fat, get the first heart attack, retire, die."

" Jonathan, " McCourt replied, " that is the most miserable scenario of American life I've heard in a high school classroom. But you've supplied the ingredients for the great American novel. You've encapsulated the novels of Theodore Dreiser, Sinclair Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald. "

In other words, 99.9 percent of people lead boring lives. But every single one of them is trying to make some sense out of his or her existence, to find some meaning in the world, ....


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  某年大学联招英文作文试题 “黑羊与白羊”请考生看完前段提示后接着完成全文~~~提示如下:
  “One day the black goat meet the white goat on a bridge...”
  then the black goat asked the white goat “Can you speak Chinese?”
  The white goat answered “Why not!”


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Bertrand Russell talks about work:
Work is of two kinds: first, altering the position of matter at or near the earth’s surface relatively to other such matter; second, telling other people to do so.


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These days I was feeling extremely depressed until this afternoon I had a conversation with Julian, who gave me an advisable career planning that lifted my spirits. Though we have known each other only for months, once you get to know him well, the fluency of his thoughts is remarkable.

You know you can never conform to others'expectations. We spend most of our lives trying to unlearn much of what we've been taught.

We can't inherit a philosophy; we can't pretend we think and feel as others do.
Don't expose yourself to criticism from people who are not able to understand your complexity. Your personal responsibility is to be yourself, to remain true to yourself. You never have to prove anything to anyone.

I'm not quite sure what to say, my english sucks.

Staying in Nanjing

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In China, every urban landscape bustled with activity—street peddlers, repairmen, noodle stands, roadside shops, beauty parlors, dumpling joints. And there was always construction—the endless clink of chisels and rattle of jackhammers.

I’ve been staying in NJ for three days, for the assessment on our B-school by the ministry of education was on the way. There are cycles in everything. But gambling will come back—it always does. Whether I like it or not, I had to spend much of my time out in the city.

Exactly what I am thinking

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It's better to be in the right place than to be smart and work hard.
If you want something badly enough, you will find a way to get it.

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