people who have no position or money but have only courage and character are always before political leaders.

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stupid dog leads clever sheep flock, such a world
understanding ideas and concepts or learning facts
2007-12-19 星期三(Wednesday) 晴 stupid dog leads clever sheep flock, such a world
Do you agree or disagree the following statement:
It is more important for students to understand ideas and concepts than it is for them to learn facts
"Facts win over every eloquent speech", quoted from the Chinese old adage. With rapidly development of modern society, knowledge and skills are full of the whole world: every day there are so many books published, new fields discovered and new fashion prevailing. From childhood to adult, even to death, one person has had to learn new things one after another in order to catch up with the pace of the world. If you pass by a library or school, you will find large amount of people and students engrossed themselves in books or computers. At the same time, the governments also get themselves into enthusiasm on calling their people for learning and learning, and seriously believe that new ideas and concepts would impulse the improvement of their whole nations. But in these composition, I must give our government a suggestion that students not only understand ideas and concepts, but also pay regard for learning facts.
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liberal arts and prevocational education
2007-9-7 星期五(Friday) 晴 stupid dog leads clever sheep flock, such a world
The first European University can be traced back to ancient Greece. Pluto, the greatest philosopher at that period founded the Academica, first institute of high learning. Nowadays, there are a enormous amount of Universities in the world. But there are still argues on a matter of how to teacher a suitable student for modern society. Some believe students in Universities should be required to take classes in many subjects. So they can get to know about many profession after graduation. But others claim students should concentrate on one subject. This way, they can acquire more professional knowledge and skills in one field. In my opinion, i think the later would be better. Students who know more professional knowledge and skills in a certain field is more competent than students under liberal arts education.
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Never judge one by appearance
2007-9-4 星期二(Tuesday) 晴 stupid dog leads clever sheep flock, such a world
"Never judge a person by his/her appearance." I vividly remember that my parents often taught us. Nowdays, many people have always argued whether managers in companies would treat one person differently by his/her appearance. But I think many great men who was not good-looking achieved great progresses.
One of respectable men I admire most is George Washington. He is the greatest statesman and strategist. He sigle-handedly built up the Continental Army and led the American people to win the Independence War. At last, He became the first president of the United States. Also, he founded the framework of politics of the United States. But During the war, when he was in a trip, he got a smallpox and ended up leaving a scar on his face. Although Mr. Washington was ugly-looking, he is one of the most respectable men every generation of American look up to.
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describe internet
2007-9-4 星期二(Tuesday) 晴 stupid dog leads clever sheep flock, such a world
As we all know, internet refers to computer-based information system, allowing people to communicate and share information. In this information ages, some people believe that internet bring about a lot of convenience and benefits for human beings. But other people think that it causes many new problems in the world. I happen to agree with the former. Personally, I think that the development of internet improves the whole human society.
To the begin with, internet make people's lives more convenient than before. Just think about it, 10 years ago, if we wanted to communicate with our family or friends in the distance. What did we do? If you did not want to spend much money on telephone, you have a choice of cheap communication: sending a letter. But this way, you had to wait several weeks for your correspondent's response. This way can not be stood in nowaday modern society. We all should thank for Internet. It provides us with a cheap and efficient way for communication. Wherever you are in internet bar or at home, you just write an e-mail or open an instant messaging application, then you can communicate with any person you want in real time. Nothing could be better than contacting with one person in so simple way.
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can students determine to go to classes?
2007-8-20 星期一(Monday) 晴 stupid dog leads clever sheep flock, such a world
Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with?
"Education is the fundamental basis of a nation" Confucius, the greatest philosopher and educator in ancient China, commented. Now, higher education has become egalitarian education so that a large amount of students can enter college easily. But Some people think students would have a right to determine whether they can go to class in college. I think this statement is not so considerate. i have following three reasons why Going to classes, interacting with teachers and grasping knowledge and skill is what a student should do in college.
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famous athletes and entertainers with high salarie
2007-8-17 星期五(Friday) 晴 stupid dog leads clever sheep flock, such a world
As old Chinese saying goes:" More you contribute, more will you get". Nowaday, many athletes and entertainers have made so much money that it is far beyond the total amount of money which a teacher or a nurse makes even in one's whole life.
Economic gap arouses much more complaint. Many ordinary people even ask the superintendent to reduce the income of those celebrities. But As I mentioned in the first sentence, these celebrities deserve a large amount of money because they are talented, have more power and influences to our world.
laiyinhate_xie 发表于 2007-08-17 15:37 分类:乱七八糟 | 送小红花 推荐指数:0 | 浏览:1288 | 评论: 0
office work
2007-3-26 星期一(Monday) 晴 stupid dog leads clever sheep flock, such a world
I think,none of 9-to-5er will select office work which account for 50% of daily life except 8 hours bedtime,if there is any other effective way to make a living.
Every day from Mon. to Fri. ,you are waked up by damned alarm clock.You have to manage to make your mind “refresh”ing so soon as to save time to release , clean yourself and finish the breakfast which is often given up for not enough time.So It is often said that you are lucky if you live near your office.
if no accidents occur on the way to work,like traffic jam, bus of arriving late ,you will be in the space of a few rooms to go on endless work,report your progress . Above all, show your high spirits before leaders all the work time ,no matter whether you are in good mood or not.However,the opportunities of promotion you have been looking forward to is few.In this moment,your colleagues you helped or depended on ,will probably be your competitor.Nothing could be worse than your situation that you have to hurt your old friends without mercy because you have waited for this opportunity for a long time.
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