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 Final report of international politics 2009-1-24 星期六(Saturday) 晴

Analysis of UN’s peacekeeping


1. Introduction



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 Social Theory Final Report 2008-7-24 星期四(Thursday) 晴
Thinking sociologically has a much closer relationship with common sense than other branches of scholarship. People live in the society and keep on interacting with each other. We all have tacit knowledge which allows us to deal with the business of everyday life. Both common sense and thinking sociologically are embedded in our everyday life. What is more, almost all the human actions and interactions that sociologists study have been given names and considered by the actors through the way of common sense. But there are four main differences between thinking sociologically and common sense. First thinking sociologically obeys the rigorous rules of responsible speech as a branch of science. Second, there is the size of the field from witch the material for sociological thinking is draw, but common sense just offers ideas that we needs in the everyday life. Third, sociology and common sense differ in the way they understand and explain events and circumstances. Common sense tends to explain the actions by the motivation of an individual person. Thinking sociologically is to make sense of the human condition via an analysis of human interdependency. Fourth, common sense helps us to deal with our everyday life without asking questions and it make the things become familiar. But thinking sociologically tends to make things become defamiliar. It tries to examine the taken-for-granted, and asks questions about our everyday life.

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 无责任翻译去死!! 2008-6-25 星期三(Wednesday) 晴

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 One makes war to win, not because it is just. 2008-6-25 星期三(Wednesday) 晴
the famouse debate between Chomsky and Foucault
 Yeah, but surely you believe that your role in the war is a just role, that you are fighting a just war, to bring in a concept from another domain. And that, I think, is important. If you thought that you were fighting an unjust war, you couldn't follow that line of reasoning.
 I would like to slightly reformulate what you said. It seems to me that the difference isn't between legality and ideal justice; it's rather between legality and better justice.

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