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法國民從堅拒歐洲憲法 (2)
2005-5-31 星期二(Tuesday) 晴

The constitution is essentially a vehicle to streamline decision-making in the expanded 25-member bloc and a blueprint for the next stage of its growth and unification. It eliminates the six-month rotating European Union presidency, creating a president with a maximum five-year term; details a list of basic rights; and determines what functions, such as issuing visas or making rules on immigration, will be governed by the European Union headquarters in Brussels and what others, like foreign policy and defense, will remain with member states.
It is conceivable that the constitution could be voted on by the French again or even revised, although the process would be cumbersome.
Even without the constitution, the European Union will go on as before under existing treaties.
But the vote stalls the forward momentum of Europe and makes it more vulnerable to economic and political uncertainty. It could paralyze decision-making in the European Union for months, complicate the process of admitting new members, and make it even more difficult to impose discipline on members' spending and inflation levels.
European officials quickly expressed anxiety over the ramifications of the vote.
The British foreign secretary, Jack Straw, declined to say if Britain would proceed with a popular vote on the constitution next year. "This raises profound questions for all of us about the direction of Europe," he told reporters. "What we want now is a period of reflection."
英國外交部長傑克 斯特羅拒絕對英國明年是否會投贊成票發表見解。“此次投票給我們帶來了關於歐洲前途的深刻問題,”他對記者說。“我們現在所需要的是一定時間的反省。”
In Germany, which has approved the constitution, Chancellor Gerhard Schröder called the French rejection "a blow for the constitutional process, but not the end of it." In a gesture of solidarity with his French counterpart, he added, "It is also not the end of the German-French partnership in and for Europe."
在已經批准了此部憲法的德國,哥哈德 斯科諾德總理將法國的此次拒絕稱作“對於憲法進程的一次打擊,但却不是終結。”在以團結的姿態示好于法國總統之后,他說,“這同時也不是德法關係在歐洲以及對於歐洲的終結。”
Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker of Luxembourg, who currently holds the European Union's rotating presidency, insisted the ratification process must proceed in other countries.
歐盟輪執主席,盧森堡首相簡-克勞德 詹克強調憲法還將繼續在其它國家等待審批。
This is the 10th time in the France's 47-year-old Fifth Republic that citizens have been called by the president to vote in a referendum.
The only other rejection was in 1969, when de Gaulle proposed a measure to renovate the Senate, create regions and seek support after the student uprisings of May 1968. De Gaulle pledged to leave office if the "no" won, and when it did by a small margin, he resigned the next day.
While Mr. Chirac said he would not resign, there has been intense speculation, even in his party, and the media in recent weeks that rejection of the constitution would prompt him to fire Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, whose popularity is at an abysmal 21 percent.
希拉克稱他不會辭職,這立即引起強烈的質疑,甚至在其党內也有。媒体也在數周內報道說此次憲法的未通過將會促使他辭掉總理簡.皮埃爾 拉伏雷,其支持率已降到非常糟糕的21%.
Dominique de Villepin, the interior minister and former foreign minister, is considered a front-runner to replace Mr. Raffarin, and one close confidante said Mr. de Villepin had been quietly assembling a staff and anticipating a cabinet shuffle.
多米尼克 迪 維內比,這位內務部長,同時也是前任外交部長,被認為是替代拉伏雷的不二人選。內部人士稱迪。維內比已經悄然組閣並且會引起內閣大洗牌。
Other contenders include Defense Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie, and Nicolas Sarkozy, the head of Mr. Chirac's party but also Mr. Chirac's political foe.
其它競爭者包括國防部長米歇爾 艾略特 瑪麗以及希拉克党內領袖尼古拉斯 薩克兹,他同時也是希拉克的政敵。
The referendum polarized France, with extremes of both the left and the right aligning in the no bloc and the center-right in the yes camp. The Socialist Party was badly fractured.
The schism was borne out in and around Paris, where wealthy neighborhoods seemed to vote yes, while poor neighborhoods voted no.
At a preschool turned polling place in the wealthy Paris suburb of Neuilly, 83 percent voted yes. That is the territory of Mr. Sarkozy, who was once mayor there.
"It's like building a house, you don't stop halfway," said Omar Bentchakal, the retired head of a small painting company, as he cast his ballot there. "It would be unfortunate if we were the country who laid the first stone, but that we wouldn't be there to put in the last one, that we're not following through. I would be hurt, really, if we voted no."
“就像蓋房子一樣,你不可能半路停下來,如果我們國家壘了第一塊磚,但是却沒有壘最后一塊,那么我們就有始無終,這是非常令人遺憾的。如果我們投反對票,我會非常傷心,真的。”奥馬 本查科,一位退休的油漆公司總裁在他的投票點,也就是他公司里說了這番話。
At the polling place at the Karl Marx primary school in downtown Bobigny, a working-class suburb of Paris, by contrast, there was no sense that Europe's future hinged on the constitution.
With 18 percent unemployment and a large ethnic Arab and African population, 72 percent of the voters there said no.
Bernard Birsinger, the suburb's Communist mayor, accused Mr. Chirac of fear-mongering and dissembling when he predicted political and economic doom for France if the country rejected the constitution.
"We are already in a Europe of unemployment and regression," said Mr. Birsinger, adding, "We know that the destiny of France is not threatened."
For him, this was a moment to say no to authority, just as the French did in the 1789 revolution.
"Happily, certain people rose up and said no," he said. "They didn't ask the king for permission to make a revolution."
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2005-5-31 星期二(Tuesday) 晴

French Voters Soundly Reject European Union Constitution
Published: May 30, 2005
伊萊恩 西奥琳諾
PARIS, May 29 - Turning its back on half a century of European history, France decisively rejected a constitution for Europe on Sunday, plunging the country into political disarray and jeopardizing the cause of European unity.
巴黎5月29日- 歐洲半個世紀以來走向聯合的歷史,因法國星期天對於歐洲憲法的決絕拒絕而告停頓。此次投票不僅使法國陷入政治混亂同時也使得歐盟産生危機。
The victory for the no vote - 55 percent to 45 percent - came in a nationwide referendum on the European Union constitution after a bruising campaign that divided France and alarmed Europe.
Foreshadowed in recent polls, the no vote could doom the 448-article treaty because all 25 members of the European Union must ratify it before it can take effect.
The rejection could signal an abrupt halt to the expansion and unification of Europe, a process that has been met with growing disillusionment among the wealthier European Union members as needier countries like Poland and Slovakia have negotiated their entry.
President Jacques Chirac, who had predicted France's isolation in Europe if the constitution was rejected, smiled stiffly as he struggled to mask his disappointment.
"The decision of France inevitably creates a difficult situation for the defense of our interests in Europe," he said in a brief statement broadcast live on television. Hinting at possible cabinet changes, he added, "I will tell you in the very next days my decisions regarding the government and its priorities."
Early this month, Mr. Chirac had vowed not to change his government if the referendum failed, saying it was "neither a plebiscite nor a moment of political change."
But the vote, which made France the first country to reject the treaty, has deeply wounded the French president. More than 50 years ago, France was a founding member of the six-country precursor to the current European Union. Mr. Chirac had assumed that through the constitution, a document similar in some ways to the Constitution that binds the United States, France could promote a stronger, more unified Europe that could project not only economic but also political power around the world. He repeatedly spoke of a "multipolar world" with Europe as one of the poles counter-balancing the United States.
After the vote, some extreme opponents of the constitution called for Mr. Chirac to resign.
"We are tonight before a major political crisis," said Philippe de Villiers, head of the right-wing Movement for France and a vocal lobbyist against the constitution. He added that Mr. Chirac had two choices: resignation "given the fact that he had been so personally involved" or the dissolution of Parliament.
“今晚我們面臨一個嚴重的政治危機,”菲利普.德.維勒, 一個堅定的憲法反對者,右翼政黨法蘭西運動的主席說道。他繼續補充說希拉克有兩個選擇,一是辭職并“給出他牽涉到的事實真相”或者解散議會。
Jean-Marie Le Pen, the head of the far-right National Front, faulted Mr. Chirac for threatening the French with "chaos" if they voted no, adding, "He isn't qualified, it seems to me, to remain as the head of the country."
簡-瑪麗 勒 彭, 极右翼組織國民陣線領袖,指責希拉克用“混亂”來恐嚇投反對票的法國民衆,她補充道,“在我看來他不適合繼續作這個國家的領袖,他不合格。”
About 70 percent of France's registered 41.8 million voters cast ballots, a high turnout on a Sunday that was also Mother's Day here. Throughout the day in Paris, electronic billboards all across town said: "Don't let the others decide for you. Go vote."
Pollsters said the rejection reflected French voters' anger at the 72-year-old president and his center-right government for failing to improve the country's troubled economy, as well as fear that the treaty would erode France's generous cradle-to-grave social safety net.
The debate had been colored by fear of the mythical "Polish plumber," the worker from recent European Union members from the East who is increasingly free to move West and willing to work for lower pay than Frenchmen.
Proponents of the "no" fueled voters with fear of a more powerful European Union where France no longer has influence, and of an increasingly "Anglo-Saxon" and "ultraliberal" Europe where free-market capitalism runs wild.
France's rejection makes it more likely that the Netherlands, where polls show that 60 percent of voters plan to reject the constitution, will vote no in the referendum there on Wednesday. Nine other European Union members have approved it.
The Dutch prime minister, Jan Peter Balkenende, called on voters to approve the constitution despite France's rejection, saying: "There is all the more reason to say yes so that some progress can be recorded with the constitutional treaty. Each country has its own responsibility."
荷蘭首相詹 彼得 鮑肯勒德 呼籲民衆投票支持這部憲法而不要受法國的影響。他說:“有更多的理由讓我們選擇投票通過,憲法條約將會記錄這些進步。每個國家都有自己的責任。”
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2005-5-30 星期一(Monday) 晴

France Deciding Fate of EU Constitution
AP - 1 hour, 16 minutes ago
PARIS - Voters in France turned out in large numbers Sunday for a key referendum on the European Union's first constitution -a charter that aims to pull nations together but has spawned bitter divisions threatening its passage. Polls had suggested the French would reject the constitution, which must be ratified by all 25 EU member state before it can take effect in 2006. A French "no" would in effect kill the charter.
美联社 1小时16分之前巴黎电
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