people who have no position or money but have only courage and character are always before political leaders.

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怎样找到你的另一半 How to find a mate
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How to find a mate
The scent of a woman (and a man)
Jan 10th 2008
From The Economist print edition
A new kind of dating agency relies on matching people by their body odour
ONE of life's little mysteries is why particular people fancy each other—or, rather, why they do not when
on paper they ought to. One answer is that human consciousness, and thus human thought, is
dominated by vision. Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, regardless of the other senses.
However, as the multi-billion-dollar perfume industry attests, beauty is in the nose of the beholder, too.
ScientificMatch.com, a Boston-based internet-dating site launched in December, was created to turn this
insight into money. Its founder, an engineer (and self-confessed serial dater) called Eric Holzle is drawing
on an observation made over a decade ago by Claus Wedekind, a researcher at the University of Bern, in
ScientificMatch.com,一家在波士顿12月份成立的网络婚介站点,意图想靠这种观点来盈利。它的创始人,一个叫Eric Holzle的工程师(自称是约会高手)正靠的是10年前Claus Wedekind---一个瑞士伯尔尼大学的研究者---的观察来经营。
In his original study Dr Wedekind recruited female volunteers to sniff men's three-day-old T-shirts and
rate them for attractiveness. He then analysed the men's and women's DNA, looking in particular at the
genes that build a part of the immune system known as the major histocompatability complex (MHC). Dr
Wedekind knew, from studies on mice, that besides fending off infection, the MHC has a role in sexual
attractiveness. It changes odours in ways the mice can detect (with mice, the odours are in the urine),
and that detection is translated into preferences for particular mates. What is true for mice is often true
for men, so he had a punt on the idea that the MHC might affect the smell of human sweat, as well.
在他原始的研究中,Wedekind博士找了很多女性志愿者来嗅男士穿了三天的T恤,然后评定对她们的吸引力。接着,他分析了这些男性和女性的DNA,着重分析了一种构建人部分免疫系统的基因---major histocompatability complex(MHC).Wedekind从老鼠身上的研究发现,MHC除了抵抗免疫,在性别吸引方面也起着作用。改变老鼠能闻到的体味(对于老鼠,体味在尿液里),观察发现,能够吸引不同类型的异性。这种方式对老鼠成立的话,对人一样。所以Wedekind突然有了个想法,MHC可能也影响人汗液的气味。
It did. Women preferred T-shirts from men whose MHC was most different from their own. What was
more, women with similar MHCs favoured the use of similar commercial perfumes. This suggests that the
role of such perfumes may be to flag up the underlying body scent rather than mask it, as a more
traditional view of the aesthetics of body odour might suggest.
确实是这样。 志愿者中的女士们都喜欢MHC和自己最不相同的男士T恤。而且有相同MHC的女士喜欢相同的香水。这就建议,香水的作用应该是放大身体的体味,而不是和传统体味美学观点那样---掩盖它。
That makes evolutionary sense. The children of couples with a wide range of MHC genes, and thus of
immune responses, will be better protected from disease. As the previous article suggests, that could be
particularly important in a collaborative, group-living species such as humanity. Moreover, comparing
MHCs could be a proxy for comparing kinship, and thus help to prevent inbreeding.
The promise of an MHC-based match is not only that your partner's old laundry will smell better but all
sorts of other benefits too. The biological compatibility created by complementary immune systems
apparently promises better orgasms, a lower likelihood of cuckoldry, more happiness and so on. Nor are
heterosexuals the only ones who can benefit. Gay men and women respond as strongly to MHC-derived
smells as straight people do—though, as might be expected, their response is to the smell of people of
the same sex, rather than the opposite one.
Indeed, the only people for whom MHC matching might not be expected to work are women on the Pill.
Chemical contraception, which mimics pregnancy, messes up the system because of an intriguing twist.
When women are pregnant, they prefer the smell of MHCs that are similar to their own. This means they
are happier in the company of their relatives, which may, as the previous article also suggests, bring
evolutionary benefits of its own.
ScientificMatch.com does not rely entirely on the MHC. Besides sending off a swab taken from the inside
of their cheek and a cheque for $1,995, hopeful singles have to answer the usual questionnaire about
income, background and details such as whether they would prefer a skiing holiday to one spent
sketching. They are not, however, asked whether they wear their T-shirts for three days on the trot.

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