people who have no position or money but have only courage and character are always before political leaders.

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stupid dog leads clever sheep flock, such a world
史蒂夫·福塞特(Steve Fossett)
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Feb 21st 2008
From The Economist print edition
Steve Fossett, adventurer and record-breaker, was declared dead on February 15th, aged 63
史蒂夫·福塞特(Steve Fossett),冒险家和记录打破者,在2月15日被宣布死亡,享年63岁
THE aircraft in which Steve Fossett took off from the Flying M ranch in Nevada on September 3rd 2007
was nothing special. It was not the stiff white dragonfly GlobalFlyer, a delicate construction of carbon
fibre with all its interstices filled with fuel, in which in 2005 he had made the first non-stop solo flight
round the world. Nor was it the silvery inflated sphere, ten storeys high and fitted with giant propane
burners, in which in 2002 he had made the first solo circumnavigation of the globe by balloon. It was a
Bellanca Super Decathlon two-seater with a single engine, one of several sitting round the ranch that
day, in which Mr Fossett might leave as casually as a boy might take a bike ride to the grocery store.
史蒂夫·福塞特在2007年9月3日从内华达的Flying M农场起飞。他的飞行器并没有什么特别的。它不是那驾笔直的白蜻蜓---GlobalFlyer号了。当时那是一驾碳纤维构成,充满了燃料的精致结构。在2005年,史蒂夫·福塞特驾驶着GlobalFlyer号开始了第一次连续环球独自飞行。它也不是银白色的充气球体, 十层楼高,装载着几个巨大丙烷燃烧炉。2002年他已经驾驶这气球作了第一次独自环球飞行。这驾飞行器是Bellanca Super Decathlon,两座位带一个单引擎(它是农场里的几只引擎之一)。可是福塞特也许会像男孩骑车去杂货店那样轻松飞去。
Nor did he plan to be away long. The man who had once spent 67 hours flying in a seven-foot coffin
round the world, sustained by protein milkshakes and a catheter and kept awake by talking to Richard
Branson, had reckoned to be back by lunchtime. Accordingly, where he had sometimes climbed on board
with 20lb of aeronautical maps, enough supplies to fill an aisle of Walgreen's and, for quieter moments,
“War and Peace”, he now took only a bottle of water with him, and no parachute.
福塞特没有计划飞太远。这人曾在7英尺长的棺材里环世界飞行了67个小时,仅靠蛋白质奶昔和导尿管维持着。靠着不停对理查德·布兰森 讲话来保持清醒。他一直想的是午餐前回家。因此,他有时会带上20磅的航空地图爬上飞机, 足够到塞住沃尔格林家的过道的物资,更安静时候,他会带上《战争和和平》。现在他只带一瓶水,连降落伞都没有。
There was therefore probably something in the conviction of his friends that he had gone up simply for
pleasure: to ride the wind-patterns, enjoy the desert landscape, rejoice in his own adventure, and come
down again. Except that Mr Fossett very rarely did things just for pleasure. He wanted to achieve, to
endure and to excel, and behind his gentle manner lay a tiger's determination. Just down the road too, in
Sparks, was a warehouse containing the strange, finned, tubular car in which he hoped to break the land
speed record, travelling as close as he could to 800 miles an hour. He had often said he could hardly wait
to try.
因此可能和他的朋友们所深信的那样,他一直只是为了高兴而飞:驾驶得像风一样,享受着着荒凉的景观,沉醉于一个人的冒险,再回到地面。除了只为高兴作事情之外,福塞特还想到的是进取,忍受和更强。在他绅士的作风下面有着猛虎般的决心。 在思帕克斯, 沿着道路走,就能到一个仓库。 那里保存着那种奇怪,有翼的喷气式汽车。福塞特希望驾驶它打破陆地速度记录,尽可能的接近时速800英里。他经常说他急不可耐地想试试。
In his 30s Mr Fossett had typed out a list of things to do that included, rather than putting up shelves or
going to the gym, doing all the World Loppet cross-country skiing marathons, swimming the English
Channel and climbing the highest mountain on each continent. He did them all, except for climbing
Everest, for which he found he did not have the patience. But he also took part in the Le Mans 24-hour
car race, the Boston Marathon and the Iditarod dog-sled race in Alaska. He performed the fastest sail
circumnavigation, the fastest sail transatlantic crossing and the highest flight in a glider, nine miles
(15.5km) above the Andes. By sea or by air he set 116 records, of which 60 still stand, sewing them up
(ever the keen Eagle Scout) like badges on his arm.
在福塞特30岁的时候,他打印出一个他想做的清单,不是那种盖棚子或者去健身,而是参加所有的the World Loppet,越野滑雪马拉松,游过英吉利海峡和登上每个大洲的最高峰。 他都做到了,除了爬珠穆朗玛峰(那是因为他发现他没那耐心)。但,他还参加了勒芒(Le Mans),24小时赛车,波士顿的马拉松和拉斯维加斯的爱迪塔罗德(Iditarod)狗拉雪橇比赛。并且他还进行了最快的环球帆船航行,最快的的跨大西洋的帆船穿越和在安第斯山脉9英里(15.5公里)上空进行最高的滑翔机飞行。在海上或者空中,福塞特创造了116个记录,其中60个仍然保持着,像徽章(曾经有让人渴望的童子军最高荣誉Eagle Scout)那样绣在了他的手臂上。
You could tell by the look of him that he was no thrill-seeker: a plump man, even plumper in a
pressurised suit, who had to breathe in sharply to wriggle into the tiny capsules on his record-breaking
craft, and whose thin grey hair lifted in the wind as he struggled out again. You could tell it, too, by his
soft unhurried voice. There was no self-promotion, only method and doggedness. He was an
inexperienced sailor when he crossed the Pacific alone in 20 days in 1996; a novice skier when he did the
World Loppet; and a man with a mere 11 lessons under his belt when he began to try to balloon round
the world. It took six attempts. He swam the Channel on his fourth attempt, the slowest crossing that
year, at the age of 41.
从福塞特的相貌来看,你不可能认为他是个寻求刺激的人:一个肥胖人---在密封的衣服内更肥;他不得不气喘吁吁地挤进他要打破记录的飞行器小舱内;当他再努力爬出来时,他花白的头发翘起在风中。 你能从他慢条斯理的语气中辨认出他来。不靠自我的提升,他只靠方法和坚持。在1996,他只身穿越太平洋的时候,是一个没有经验的水手;在国际滑雪越野(World Loppet)里他也是个新手;这人只带了11本教程就开始尝试驾驶气球环球航行了。他尝试了6次。游英吉利海峡他尝试了四次,那年的最慢横越,41岁。
A five-mile fall
Risk-management was the key to his achievements. He learned that skill as a toddler, driving the family
car only a careful half-a-block rather than heading for the highway; and he reinforced it in his first
career, as a stock-options trader on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange??. Through the
market plunge of the late 1970s and the Reagan boom of the 1980s, Mr Fossett rented out exchange
memberships in Chicago and New York, making a fortune. The money then paid for his adventures, in
premium equipment and proper training. Perhaps his shrewdest move was to take out a $500,000
insurance policy that would pay him $3m if his global balloon flight succeeded. Everything was carefully
calculated: so much so, that his friend and sponsor Mr Branson supposed he was half-man, half-android.
风险控制是他成功的关键。福塞特学技巧就像婴儿学步,开家庭汽车只小心地开半个街区,从不直冲上高速路;在第一个职业期间---在芝加哥股票期权交易所里作为一个股票期权交易者(stock-options trader)---他得到了提升。经历过20世纪70年代的市场猛挫和80年代的里根时期的繁荣,福塞特出租了芝加哥和纽约的交易会员资格,获得了一笔财富。这笔钱当时支撑了他的冒险---精良的装备和正确的训练。 也许,他最精明的举动是花了50万美金投了一次保。这次保险能在他全球气球飞行成功后支付给他300万美金。 每件事情都被仔细计算:如此的准,以至于他的朋友和赞助人Branson都认为他是一半人,一半机器人。
Yet not everything could be controlled, as he was well aware. His autobiography, “Chasing the Wind”,
acknowledged his dependence on “partnering” every variation of air and weather to speed his unsteered
balloons and his sails. He confessed he was terrified of being shot down as he drifted over hostile lands.
Although his worst accident was man-made, messing up a training jump, he had several hair-raising
brushes with nature: tumbling down a glacier on the Eiger, crash-landing in a tree in India and, on his
fourth balloon attempt, plunging five miles into the Coral Sea with the canopy on fire.
然而,不是每件事情都在福塞特的掌握之中。他在自传---《追风》中承认,只能任着气流和天气的每份变化来加速他那不受控制的气球和帆船。他也承认,在他的气球被恶意的人击落是,他感到很恐惧。虽然他最差的一次事故是人为造成的---在一次试跳中搞砸了,但他有几次令人恐惧的“和自然擦肩而过的”历险:在艾尔格峰(Eiger)上翻进了一条冰河里,在印度,飞机撞在了一颗树上,还有,在第四次气球飞行时,带着燃烧的盖蓬,从5英里高的地方直接掉进了珊瑚海(Coral Sea)里。
Since he had survived that, his friends thought he could come through anything; that some weeks after
his departure in the Bellanca that September morning he would reappear, strolling amiably down the
road, “and have another story to tell”. But even the most modern scanning and mapping technology
could not find him, or the blue fabric of his aircraft, in the sage-scrub and desert in which his risk-planning
seems finally to have failed him.

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