people who have no position or money but have only courage and character are always before political leaders.

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stupid dog leads clever sheep flock, such a world
Human mating人类求偶
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Human mating人类求偶
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Human mating
A buyers' market
Dec 13th 2007
From The Economist print edition
Men propose; women dispose
WOMEN often complain that dating is like a cattle market, and a paper just published in Biology Letters
by Thomas Pollet and Daniel Nettle of Newcastle University, in England, suggests they are right. They
have little cause for complaint, however, because the paper also suggests that in this particular market,
it is women who are the buyers.
女人经常抱怨,约会象个牛市(注,不是股市,是卖牛的市场)。 一份报告刚被Thomas Pollet先生 和Daniel Nettle博士发表在英国纽卡斯尔大学的《生物学快报》(Biology Letters)。报告上内容说女人们是对的。而且她们也没啥抱怨的,因为报告也说明了在这个特殊的市场上,女人们是买主。
Mr Pollet and Dr Nettle were looking for evidence to support the contention that women choose men of
high status and resources, as well as good looks. That may sound common sense, but it was often denied
by social scientists until a group of researchers who called themselves evolutionary psychologists started
investigating the matter two decades ago. Since then, a series of experiments in laboratories have
supported the contention. But as all zoologists know, experiments can only tell you so much. Eventually,
you have to look at natural populations.
Mr Pollet先生 和 Nettle博士正在收集证据支持这个论点,女人们会挑地位高和资源多的男士,当然也要好长相。这点好像是共识了。但它以前一直被社会科学家所否认,直到一组称自己为进化心理学家的研究者20年前开始深入调查这件事。从那开始, 一系列的实验室内的试验支持了这个论点。但正如所有动物学家所了解的, 试验只能告你这么多。最后,你不得不自己查看自然人口资料。
And that is what Mr Pollet and Dr Nettle have done. They have examined data from the 1910 census of
the United States of America and discovered that marriage is, indeed, a market. Moreover, as in any
market, a scarcity of buyers means the sellers have to have particularly attractive goods on offer if they
are to make the exchange.
这就是Mr Pollet先生 和 Dr Nettle博士所做的。他们一直以来,查看了来自1910年的美国人口调查报告,发现了婚姻确实就是一个市场交易。甚至,在任何市场内,买者的稀少意味着卖者必须有特别吸引人的东西供应,假如他们想作成生意的话。
The advantage of picking 1910 was that America had not yet settled down, demographically speaking.
Though the long-colonised eastern states had a sex ratio of one man to one woman, or thereabouts, in
the rest of the country the old adage “go west, young man” had resulted in a surplus of males. Mr Pollet
and Dr Nettle were thus able to see just how picky women are, given the chance.
挑选1910年的调查报告的优势在于,美国还没有完全安定(人口统计学的说法)。虽然长期殖民化的东部各州有着1:1的性别比率(大约这个数字),但在美国其他各州,“去西部,年青人”这句古训导致了男性的剩余。这时,Mr Pollet 和 Dr Nettle看到,假如有机会的话,女士们是多么的挑剔。
Rather than looking at the whole census, the two researchers relied on a sample of one person in 250.
They then assigned the men in the sample a socioeconomic status score between zero and 96, on a scale
drawn up in 1950 (which was as close to 1910 as they could get). They showed that in states where the
sexes were equal in number, 56% of low status men were married by the age of 30, while 60% of high
status men were. Even in this case, then, there are women who would prefer to remain single rather
than marry a deadbeat. When there were 110 men for every 100 women (as, for example, in Arizona),
the women got really choosy. In that case only 24% of low-status men were married by 30 compared
with 46% of high-status men. As the men went west, then, so did their marriage opportunities.
这两个研究者不是研究整个人口调查,而靠的是250个人中挑出一个人的采样方法。 然后他们分配给男士们在这个例子中一个社会经济方面的地位分(0-96)。这个尺度在1950年时被规划(这也比较接近1910的社会经济情况)。他们显示,在两性数量差不多的各州,地位低的男士,56%的在30岁以前都结婚了,而低位高的人,60%的结婚了。但甚至在这种环境中,那个年代也有女士愿意保持单身而不嫁一个懒鬼。当情况变为110个男人对100个女士(例如在美国西南部,亚利桑那州),女士就变得很挑。 这种情况下, 地位低的男人只有24%的人结婚,相比之下,低位高的男士有46%的结婚。 当男士们往西走的时候,那个年代他们的婚姻机会也在朝那个方向前进。(注:变得越来越稀少了)

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