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Love means that I know the person I love. I'm aware of the many sides of the other person——not just the beautiful side but also the limitations,inconsistencies and flaws.
Love means that I care about the welfare of the person I love. If I care about you,,I'm concerned about your growth,and I hope you will become all that you can become.
Love means having respect for the dignity of the person I love. If I love you,I can see you as a separate person,with your own values and thoughts and feelings,and I do not insist that you surrender your identity and comform to an image of what I expect you to be for me.
Love means having a responsbility toward the person I love. If I love you, I'm responsive to most of your major needs as a person.
Love means growth for both myself and the person I love.If I love you ,I am growing as a result of my love.you are stimulant for me to become more fully what I might become,and my loving enhances your being as well.
Love means making a commoment to the person I love.This commotment does not entail surrendering our total selves to each other,nor does it imply that the relationship is necessarily permanent.It does entail a willing to stay with each other in times of pain,uncertainty,struggle,and despair,as well as in times of calm and enjoyment.
Love means trusting the person I love you ,If I love you ,Itrust that you will accept my caring and my love and that you won't deliberately hurt me. I trust the reciprocal nature of our love.
Love can tolerate imperfection. In a love relationship there are times of boredom,times when I may like lygiving up,times of real strain,and times I experience an impassr.Authentic love does not imply enduring happiness.I can stay during rough times,however,because I can remember what we had together in the past,and I can picture what we will have together in our future if we care enough to face our problems and work them through.
Love is freeing.Love is freely given,not doled out demand.Authentic love is not given with strings attached.There is an unconditional quality about love.
Love is expansive.If I love you ,I encourage you to reach out and develop other relationships.The honest evidence of our love is our commitment to encouraging another's full development.

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