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Travel to Tibet

This spring I travelled to Tibet,it's a hard travel,left me good memories and bad memories.

First I flied many hours arrived Lhasa,and then we all feel dizzy for the air is not comfortable to Yantai citizen. The first evening was a difficult time to me,my nose felt very very dry and diffifult to continued sleep,one hour waked one time till morning.

The next day the bus brought us hundreds miles away and we enjoyed the snows on the high mountain all the

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All things are good arrangements

Last month my good daughter found herself a good job,write short articles for her company. I thought its a good job,for she enjoyed reading since she was a little girl, she herself remembered that I brought her visiting many times of book stores,and bought a lot of books for her since she was in her teenage times.

And at about 10 years ago,she was not only reading but tried to write something on her blog,and till recently her ability about writing could be used some  in her work.

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Travel to Hainan

Travel is interesting, recently my family travelled to Hainan for six days, we got an army of fun from the travel.

First we got to Haikou at late night, the temperature was lower than usual but still very warm than Yantai, so we enjoyed the wonderful weather for six days. We slept no more than four hours the first night, for all the planes landed Hainan at late night the guide told us.

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Nice Talk

Nice Talk

The picture above is collected from net,and today I'd share something about a nice talk with my daughter,after dinner my daughter told me that she wanted to help me doing something every day,not only my husband and I do things for her.

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Cancer is Afraid of Love

Cancer is Afraid of Love

I'd share an article today,I read it this morning and it said that many people got cancer for they have no love,those people got pains,complains,dishearted or dismays attached his body. They enjoy to compain,criticize, and hate others,and doing these cut down their energy,so they

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Happy Valentine's Day

Last year my husband bought the flower above to me due to my daughter's request,and this afternoon my husband accompany me playing Pingpang for two hours as my request. It's so easy to be happy.

There are many interesting jokes about v

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Recently I changed my minibus into a GOLF car,which made in Changchun,the car 4s store is quite near my home,the new car is much better than the old big one,due to we planned to reduce our business later,and decided to buy a little car. 

We visited three car 4s stores and quickly decided to b

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About Heating

About Heating

Thanks for the good government of Yantai,this year the winter came to yantai earlier than last year,and heating also sent to us several days earlier than planned,though the heating fee is reduced than last.

I had planned to travel somewhere while the period of first cold days before

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Useful Reading

Useful Reading

Resently my family enjoy reading,my daughter read a lot,and she shared some of them with me,after I read one book,I felt something like I had talked with an excellent teacher.

My husband also read a lot,he borrowed a lot of books from a big library of our city,as if reading made his&nbs

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A Busy and Interesting Day

A Busy and Interesting Day

Today I had a busy and interesting day,after breakfast my husband and I visited three users in my hometown,the first user asked us to check the battery group,and we found several ones are not in good station,for the battery group were used for too long time, the kind and smart young manager believed

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Make Life as a Poem

To be an optimistic mother is very important,only happy mother will get a happy daughter.A smart mother should smile all the time to her child,patient and sincerely to treat her dear child,make every day as a poem. If a child living and working in such environment,how nice she would be!

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To be a Good Mother

Being a mother is not easy,to be a good mother is even not easy.I found an important matter these days,my daughter enjoying share her work experiences just as my young time. And many of her habit quite similar with my husband and I,so we should to throw our bad habit far away as soon as possible.

First I should do more and speak little,second when I have to say something to her,I should make them in one or two suggestions,make the long talk in short,tonight I found this is very useful

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Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

Yesterday my family joined a frends reunion,my husband's high school classmates held the reunion,we drove more than two hours,got the mountain villa,many old classmates were sitting on the hall,they haven't seen each other for more than 30 years,even difficult to recognize each other.


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Visiting Yangjiu

I joined a group of people visited Yangzhou last week,the bus started at 7 pm,and nearly 12 o'clock in the evening we arrived Lianyungang,we rested at a hotel for 5 hours,then early next morning the bus started out again,at nearly noon time,we arrived the famous place&nbs

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Learning Dance

Learning Dance

I joined two kinds of dance training courses these days,each week I learning three morning.I learning Latin dance course for two mornings each week,continue training cha-cha,and rumba,this time I felt understand more and much easier,got more interesting though felt so tired after two hours training.

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